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warehouse for artist's studio

This renovation in Yonkers, New York converted an old turn-of-the-century industrial factory space into the future workspace, gallery, and living space of an artist couple.

The conceptual approach began with the existing structure as a layered place with its own historical narrative that can be a potential resource and inspiration in the production and viewing of art. The aim of the project quickly came into clear focus: How do we maintain, and even amplify, the spatial and textural qualities of the existing structure while, at the same time, upgrading the space for use as a world-class gallery and art space?  

The architectural intervention is therefore premised on making careful insertions and incisions into the existing structure to serve the new uses that the program requires. The design allows daylight to dramatically illuminate the space and increase the efficiency of the building. The project also aims to bring Passive House design standards to a large scale existing warehouse structure while supplementing with state of the art ventilation and HVAC systems.


PROGRAM: Live-Work, Gallery

TOTAL AREA: 30,000 sf


PARTNERS: IROIRO LLC, a New York Limited Liability Company, Atelier Ten Environmental, Aeon Solar, Zero Energy, RDG/Guth-DeConzo Engineers

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Project Renderings